My Yoga Classes

Hatha Yoga

The word hatha means wilful or forceful. Hatha yoga refers to a set of physical exercises (known as asanas or postures), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation. Hatha also translates as ha meaning “sun” and tha
meaning “moon.” This refers to the balance of feminine and masculine, Moon being feminine —receptive, cool, Sun being masculine —active, hot. We all have these aspects within all of us. Hatha yoga is a path toward creating balance and uniting these opposites. My hatha class is a mindful and nurturing practice working on the physical postures (asanas) to develop strength and correct alignment, with a strong focus on breathing exercises (pranayama) to help to induce clarity of thought, tranquility and concentration and to be more present in the unfolding of each moment. My classes also include meditation and relaxation to turn attention inward and help to calm the mind and reduce stress with a strong emphasis on awareness rather than just technique, and helps guide students to discover their inner teacher. The classes are accessible to everyone.


Yoga for Pregnancy (suitable after first trimester)

The three main benefits for practicing yoga when pregnant are:
1. Good health for mind and body during pregnancy

2. Connecting with the unborn baby

3. Preparation for birth and motherhood Practising yoga during pregnancy gives women a fuller understanding of their own body and the changes taking
place because an awareness of the body is being developed through the asana practice, through pranayama and through meditation.

Yoga gives women the self-knowledge to take control of their labour, to actually experience it rather than see it as something they need to get through and to approach it with less apprehension. And beyond that it prepares them for becoming a mother. The classes are a nurturing environment which include asana (postures) to strengthen and build stamina, breath work (pranayama) and meditation, and a long delicious relaxation.

Mum & Baby Yoga

This nurturing class is focused on the importance of your postnatal recovery, gently stretching and strengthening the body, improving posture, using breathing and relaxation techniques to promote inner calm, bonding with the baby with songs and gentle movements, and meeting other new mums. You may begin this class after your 6-8 week postnatal check up and continue until your baby is crawling!

Yoga for Healthy Ageing
Although healthy, as we age we can experience a decrease in the sharpness of the senses, muscular strength, joint flexibility and maintaining balance.

This class encourages healthy ageing, keeping you physically fit and mentally agile by building muscular and bone strength, improving balance and flexibility using yoga poses. Incorporating different breathing practices to calm the mind, energise, improve sleep and reduce stress.
We’ll use relaxing meditation to develop concentration and soothe the nervous system.

All of these are skills to cultivate equanimity and live healthier lives. The class welcomes all, whether complete beginners or practising yoga students.

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