Thanks for another fabulous class last night - I think you strike a perfect balance between relaxation and more dynamic/stretching postures. I always feel so blissful afterwards and think I now see what people mean when they say they couldn't do without yoga in their lives!

Theresa, I like the way you manage the classes with simplicity and generosity. You are an inspired teacher. Naturally I am a physical person - it is one of the reasons I enjoy your classes, also for the calmness and relaxation. Yoga has been a new discovery and has helped to rebuild my balance and strength. 

Yoga has been great for helping me improve my posture and as such vastly reduce previous back pain issues. Another benefit had been to use the techniques to help reduce stress levels As a beginner Theresa's classes have helped me develop my yoga skills. She has a relaxed and supporting teaching style which has helped me grow in both yoga ability and confidence in my yoga.

Thank you so much for everything. Your calming weekly yoga sessions certainly aided me during labour.  I am convinced it contributed towards the calm baby I have now. I will be recommending your class to anyone who will listen! 

Theresa has been teaching me yoga for nearly a year now. She cares about her students and has a very relaxed and calming teaching style, adapting poses where necessary to suit the individual person if required. I am now benefiting from her great pregnancy yoga teachings as well.  Yoga helps reduce stress and general aches and pains. I look forward to and enjoy Theresa's classes and can't recommend her enough!

Theresa -thank You for the peace you've planted in me, it helped me survive, literally.

Thank you so much for making some peaceful space in the midst of our busy lives, just the right balance of relaxation, breathing and stretches.

Theresa is a warm and engaging yoga teacher. The class I attend contains a mixture of ages, levels of fitness and flexibility, but her exercises keep everybody focussed and involved without pushing those of us who are less flexible to go beyond our limits. She cleverly keeps some continuity with certain movements being repeated most weeks, whilst also regularly introducing something completely new in order to keep things fresh. I would recommend her yoga lessons to anybody.

With her calm disposition and gentle manner, Theresa gives me the confidence to practice without feeling self-conscious while at the same time encouraging me to challenge myself in a drama-free way! Theresa teaches with gentle humour and kindness and I feel I have progressed so much under her subtle and successful tuition.