Mini Yoga Retreat Workshop

Saturday 9 November 2.30-4.30pm
Recentre Health
260 Balham High Rd SW17 7AN
£30 – suitable for all levels
Book online here

Take time out to nourish and nurture yourself.
Look after the most important person in your life -YOU! Get away from the stresses and busy-ness of life and unwind with gentle yoga, calming breaths, self-massage and a deep yoga nidra relaxation.
Feel tensions release from the body with gentle stretches accompanied with deep calming breaths. The stretches prepare your body to feel more comfortable to settle into stillness during the relaxation.
Learn a few soothing self massage techniques. Nurture yourself, increase circulation, help release toxins and feel comforted.
Restore your well being with a lovely long lie down! – a deep yoga nidra relaxation. Yoga nidra (or yoga sleep) is a method of inducing complete physical and mental rest, a deeply healing practice where the mind resides somewhere between sleep and consciousness whilst the body is resting, completely relaxed.
This class is suitable for all levels.